Rita Sue Grage
Nikki Jochum
June Garcia

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​​​​​​​​HOAMCO is the management company for La Cuentista 1.  http://www.hoamco.com/. Nigel Burgess is the representative for our community. He can be reached here. Telephone: 505.888.4479, ext. 2115

Fax:  (928) 776-0050

9798 Coors Blvd 

Albuquerque, NM  87114

Please mail all payments to La Cuentista Subdivision Unit 1 Homeowners Association, C/O HOAMCO, P.O. Box 94346, Las Vegas, NV  89193.  This is the bank’s lockbox service address for payments only.

La Cuentista Board of Directors​​
President: Michael Martin                        
Vice President: James Grage

Secretary​: Cheryl Hunt                        
Treasurer​:  Josh Bauguss
At Large: Robyn King

Note: To communicate with a board member, contact Nigel Burgess (above).

 Architectural Control Committee Members
Greg DeLelles
David Dunlap
James Grage
Cheryl Hunt
David Meischen 

Landscape Committee Members
Larry Garcia

James Grage

David Meischen

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